We augment you reality and mix in our own.

We are a Stockholm based company focused on HoloLens and Windows development. HoloLens, Bots, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and more. Let us show you the future.



We've been working with HoloLens from March 2016. We can help you develop new experiences for you customers or employees. We can help you in your development by offering Workshops or consulting help. Do you want to try HoloLens and know more about this technologies? We can demo HoloLens and combine with presentations both business oriented and/or developer oriented.


We can help you get the best user experience and interface in your apps or solution.


We speak at various conferences like NDC, JFokus, DevSum, TechDays, JDays, Swetugg etc. Our topics include HoloLens, UI/UX, Bots, Voice, UWP, future tech and more.


We offer Workshops on HoloLens, UWP and UI/UX. Learn how to make a HoloLens app, what you need to do to make your UI and UX stand out in the crowd or how to develop one app to reach all Windows 10 computers.

The Team