The award winning trap cards now available in Europe!

100 years of research in the palm of your hand

More than 100 years of user interface research on human perception, cognition, memory, and ergonomics synthesized into an accessible and actionable deck of cards that teams can use to detect and resolve potentially costly UI problems early in development-

Read more about the Tenets & Traps system here


Tenets & Traps cards deck


Can I use this in my team?

Absolutely! The cards facilitates communication through common language which helps with teamwork, planning and testing.

What's the shipping cost?

Shipping is included in the price

I'm a developer, can I use these?

We have been working with hundreds of developers and because the cards are written in plain English "without fluff" they are easy to understand for people regardless of your title.

The fact that they are logical and explains why there's a problem helps with communication between colleagues and teams.


Do you have a volume discount?

We offer Team discount packages as listed. If you are in need of even more, contact us for a quote

Where do you ship?

Worldwide (with any exception PostNord might have)


I live in the US, can I buy Trap cards?

Of course! You can order from us or go to the american site and buy from there